We Bring It


When you rent a backline from Hellhound you get much more than just great equipment, you get a production partner that refuses to accept anything short of perfection.



We like to keep the talent happy

while making you look good!


More Reasons to use Hellhound:

We have the resources to fulfill your rider to the letter.  Whatever your artist desires, we'll make it happen.  A personal bowl of Skittles on each rig?  That's standard.


We offer complete production solutions with equipment from every major manufacturer as well as rare boutique gear.  Virtually any requirement can be met.


Our backline rental equipment, technicians and stage crew are available to touring performers, festivals, venues, fairs, casinos, concert series, corporate and private events, recording projects and video shoots.


We'll go anywhere within 150 miles of central NJ.


We're easy to do business with.


All it takes is a telephone call and a credit card to lock us in for your event!  Call us now ~ 908.227.4587 


We welcome artists to visit our facility and try out our selection of boutique amplifiers. It's worth a visit to familiarize yourself with the many options available to you, besides, it'll be fun!  You know what they say... once you go boutique, you never go back.  Okay, so it doesn't rhyme.



OR EMAIL YOUR RIDER TO ~ info@hellhoundstudios.com